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What is Movement Day?

Movement Day (MD) was launched in 2010, as a one-day to three-day gathering of ministry, marketplace and non-profit leaders passionate about cities and the Gospel of Jesus, coming together across denominational, ethnic, geographical, and socio-economic lines.

The story begins in New York which was voted one of the five most dangerous cities in the world. Leaders from all spheres came together with a united view to address the pain, brokenness and lostness in the city.

A lot of beautiful
stories have been told how people’s dignity, brokenness and lostness were

Today New York is
regarded as one of the top five safest cities in the world.

To date over 19 500
leaders have been trained to address these issues across

  • 400+ Cities
  • 100+ Countries
  • 5 Continents

it has now come to Johannesburg

Movement Day Gatherings

  1. Inclusive
    of demographic diversity
  2. Inspiring
    leaders to action
  3. Bringing
    in expert voices to address the spiritual & social realities of urban centres  
  4. Offering
    case studies highlighting best practices in city movements
  5. Convening
    emerging leaders in shaping solutions — especially young leaders to address the
    unique issues of urban youth
  6. Creating
    inter-generational community for shared learning & mentorship 
  7. Providing
    networking & partnership opportunities built around areas of passion for
    that city

We as the Randburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry are proud to
take hands as the voice of business with local churches and government
structures in addressing our cities pain. We want to urge all business leaders
to take hands with us in making our city a safe place again to live and work.

Just imagine kids playing in the streets again, no more beggars on
the streets. Homeless finding a resting place. Come and listen to what is
already happening in our City, come and dream with us and let us takes hands to
make this happen. More information will be shared in due course on specific
actions plans.

Come join us on this wonderful journey to transform Randburg and
ultimately Joburg, we have a story to tell!!!

Where there is unity there is peace. Where there is…


and government leaders work together to solve the spiritual,
physical and social needs of the city,


Meeting, learning and networking together for a common cause
brings energy and synergy.


Find ways to bridge the ethnic divide and churches tendency to
minister to only one ethnicity.


achieve the same kind of exponential growth and impact on modern
culture as the Apostle Paul did in his day.

Regular prayer sessions take place on the last Friday of each
month from 7 – 8 am.

Venue:   The Bridge 11th floor

Address: Cnr De Beer and Juta streets Braamfontein 

Safe parking is available at No 1 De Beer Street. 

Our next prayer meeting takes place on Friday
28 June 2019

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