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RCCI CEO Linda Blackbeard Receives Lifetime Achievement Awards

Our CEO Mrs Linda Blackbeard,  received two amazing recognition awards this year.

Both are lifetime achievement awards in “Africa’s Most Influential Women in Business”

The first was the SADC South Lifetime achievement award and the other the Continental Lifetime achievement award.

The following is a letter received from the CEO of  CEO Global:

Ms Linda Blackbeard has recently been awarded one of the highest accolades an individual can achieve on the Continent of Africa – that of being Africa’s Most Influential Woman in Business and Government in the Agencies and Regulatory Authorities.

I can attest that achieving this was no mean feat, as independent judges appraised her overall performance.

In my capacity as CE, I am often asked if Awards serve any real purpose and I always remark that Awards are good news items that showcase and demonstrate achievement beyond the call of duty and at the same time offer an aspirational – and – inspirational platform to others.

Companies that are fortunate to be associated with these achievers gain the benefit of being able to position their organisation as an environment where people are encouraged to develop and achieve.

They showcase themselves as a “best of breed” employer enabling the growth of the cream of the crop.

This always reignites passion within the company and with its clients, which, in turn, leads to a surge of positivity and productivity.

Ms Linda Blackbeard is an extraordinary woman within the Agencies and Regulatory Authorities sector and her achievement deserve to be showcased as an inspiration to others. Her commitment, dedication, and achievements, in bettering the lives of others in her country, through her facilitation and assistance in uplifting the young businesses, both men and women is phenomenal.  Her passion strongly shows when talking about the Rural Water Project for upliftment  which she is involved with and has been part of a passionate team for over the past 5 years.

She was also strongly recognised for her know reputation of integrity and passion in anything she touches.

Warm Regards.

Annelize Wepener

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