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Human Resources

Hearsay Evidence Can Render Dismissals Unfair

BY   Ivan Israelstam, Chief Executive of Labour Law Management Consulting. He may be contacted on (011) 888-7944 or 0828522973 or on e-mail address: ivan@labourlawadvice.co.za. Go to: www.labourlawadvice.co.za. At a disciplinary hearing the chairperson should reject evidence that is legally inadmissible. One type of evidence that may be ruled inadmissible is hearsay evidence. This occurs, for…

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BEE Commission does it again!

EconoBEE would like to commend Ms Zodwa Ntuli and her team at the BEE commission for their recent excellent work. On the 23rd of April news broke regarding dodgy BEE schemes that don’t provide voting rights, economic interest and/or net value. An astonishing number of these had been awarded points by verification agencies in the…

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Unite As One -Artisan for ICT Infrastructure Learnership Development Program

Application for Artisan ICT Learnership ProgramDownload   Artisan for ICT InfrastructureLearnership Development Program Closing Date : 14th April 2019 Invent the new workforce talent of the Future in South Africa. Orchestrating and driving innovation. Attract and develop talent that will fulfill the demand of workforce. Shaping the workforce of the future. Shifting the focus on…

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